B&B accommodation in Bari University Residences

PLEASE NOTE: Our Bari Accommodation is currently for students & teachers only

  • Looking for centrally-located, comfortable and convenient accommodation in Bari?
  • Staying in Bari's university halls of residence is an affordable and original way to visit Italy, with self catering and B&B accommodation available
  • Comfortable rooms and apartments provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to staying in a cheap Bari hostel or hotel

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B&B accommodation in Bari University Residences

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  • most of the residences have availability all the year around, while just some of them offer accommodation during the holidays, when the students are away
  • if you are a student looking for a long-term accommodation and can’t view the availability of the residences, please contact us and we would be happy to help you
  • we also have university accommodation in other cities in Italy