Bed and breakfast accommodation in Oxford University colleges

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Oxford University colleges

  • a unique backstage pass providing an opportunity to stay in historic Oxford college room accommodation
  • these centrally-located bed and breakfast (B&B) rooms are a cost effective alternative to Oxford hotels whilst providing the colleges with revenue to contribute to the upkeep of the famous buildings
  • trace the footsteps of Gandhi, Bill Clinton or the 25 British Prime Ministers who have passed through Oxford's colleges; eat in the college hall, wander through the college's gardens or take a punt along the river followed by a drink in the college bar

Oxford B&B Reviews

  • "It was an experience of a lifetime to stay in an Oxford college quad" Alan Goldblatt
  • "This was a great alternative to staying in a hotel and a much more convenient location than anything in a similar price range" Alexandra Roach
  • "It's the equivalent of going to Paris and staying in Notre Dame" Kabir Chibber

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No availability in Oxford?

  • availability is mainly in the vacation periods (Christmas, Easter, Summer), when students clear their rooms, but there are some rooms throughout the year  
  • oxford rooms typically become available two to three months in advance, so please revisit the website within that period if nothing is available now, or go to our Oxford B&B website for more accommodation options and travel ideas

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