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  • 可预订的空房通常在夏季(七月,八月,九月)或圣诞节和复活节(三月,四月)期间,当学生清理了公寓并离开学校时

  • 大学的房间通常提前两三个月即可预订,如果在特定的时期显示没有空房,请随时关注查看我们的网站

  • 您也可以搜索accommodation in Central London,或者,如果您想找一些替代住宿方案,请查看我们的姐妹网 London B&B website 或前往 获得更多信息


不只是学生 - 任何人都可以预定!

  • 住在大伦敦区的大学宿舍是一个更方便,更实惠的伦敦住宿选择
  • 许多房间靠近希思罗机场,但由于航班的路线,不会听到飞机的噪音,使这些住宿成为旅客往返机场,或参观伦敦时理想的住宿选择
  • 这是相比住在便宜旅馆或廉价的伦敦酒店而言,更方便经济的选择

Reviews for Greater London

根据 339 则评论


Impressed with the clean modern accommodation. Very convenient to the tube and to our relatives who live locally. What we like the MOST, what we look for wherever we stay is good fast internet connection. What a bonus that you provide it and it's free. We really appreciate that. Thank you.

(Review Of Harrow Hall, Harrow, London)

A great alternative to using a hotel. The rooms won't be the Ritz of course, but they are far better than many hotels I have stayed in. The rate is good too and if you book seven nights, you receive a night for no cost. I also need to mention the quite excellent kitchen facilities available.

(Review Of Harrow Hall, Harrow, London)

Was a good experience. Felt safe, service was good, cat was adorable, perfect location and setting. Only two little gripes - mattress was uncomfortable and cleaners would knock and then immediately open door without waiting for a response. Luckily I was dressed each time!

(Review Of Harrow Hall, Harrow, London)

The place was great value for money and the staff were really friendly and helpful. The internet connection was great (I liked its being "regular" as opposed to WiFi). Maybe I would add some soap to the bathroom because that's the one thing I am used to finding in the room when travelling and didn't bring with me... All in all I was very happy with my choice.

(Review Of Seething Wells Hall, Kingston, London)

Seething Wells is well provided . One thing that needs to be attended to is the Water. It leaves a residue when I have boiled it. The Kitchen cabinets need to be changed as the wood is worn out and the hinges cant hold them well.

(Review Of Seething Wells Hall, Kingston, London)

For £36 was basic en suite, but in my opinion value for what i needed. Room was clean an bed comfy an a stones throw from tube station for my visit to Wembley stadium that night. An the lady on reception was very friendly an welcoming when booking in an on leaving.

(Review Of Harrow Hall, Harrow, London)

Would stay again - for the price, this is great value. One minute's walk to the underground. Had a hire car and paid 5 pounds a day for parking. Didn't realise I'd have to pay for internet, but quite cheap. No problem keeping food in fridge - all crockery in kitchen, including coffee plunger. Clean towel every day, soap provided.

(Review Of Harrow Hall, Harrow, London)

The bookings service is excellent - lightning quick to respond to enquiries and the online booking is easy. Room is small but fine. Only 2 minor issues 1) fitted sheet not staying fitted and thus you can find yourself sleeping on a plastic mattress cover and 2) for some reason on 3 of my 4 stays the towel was not replaced on Day 1. Otherwise, all just fine

(Review Of Harrow Hall, Harrow, London)

The reception is amazing, they are so kind and great. They help me a lot in my dirt year study. For the staff of reception, I’d like to live there again.

(Review Of Seething Wells Hall, Kingston, London)

Greater London 游客信息

       虽然在一般的观念中,伦敦是一个“城市”,但在英格兰的行政制度上它并不具有城市地位,反而是大伦敦底下两个次级行政区,伦敦市(City of London)与西敏市,分别都具有城市地位。在形式上,不计入伦敦市在内的大伦敦地区设有一个大伦敦郡长(Lord Lieutenant of Greater London),而根据《1997年郡长辖区法案》(Lieutenancies Act 1997 ),大伦敦是被定义为一个「郡」级的单位(名誉郡,Ceremonial county)。除了型式上的用途外,也有一些实务上的区域采取相同的划分方式,例如伦敦的大都会警察区域(Metropolitan Police District,MPD)就是以扣除掉伦敦市的大伦敦地区作为涵盖范围。

      根据不同的定义规则,大伦敦地区又可以进一步再分割成不同的次区域。1965年时,内伦敦教育局(Inner London Education Authority,ILEA)将位于大伦敦中央的12个自治市合称为内伦敦(Inner London),此区域以外的其他自治市则称为外伦敦(Outer London),之後这套分区方式一直持续被沿用在许多不同的用途上,例如作为统计区域的分界等。除了内外伦敦的常见分法外,配合都市计画的需要,大伦敦也被分为五个不同的区域,分别是中伦敦(Central London)、东伦敦、北伦敦、南伦敦与西伦敦,由于分区方法不同,此处的中伦敦并不能与前面的内伦敦这两个概念互换。

Greater London的历史






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