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We are open for bookings and our properties have safety measures in place. Please see our FAQs for more information.
Cancellations: most properties offer full refunds with 14 days’ notice, with others a £10 admin fee might apply, but please check the property terms when booking.







  • 可预订的空房通常在夏季(七月,八月,九月)或圣诞节和复活节(三月,四月)期间,当学生清理了公寓并离开学校时

  • 利兹大学的房间通常提前两三个月即可预订,如果在特定的时期显示没有空房,请随时关注查看我们的网站

  • 如果你想找一些替代住宿方案,请查看我们的其他网站 或 获得更多信息


不只是学生 - 任何人都可以预定!

  • 利兹大学的校园住宿是一个舒适又省钱的方式住在这个充满活力和令人兴奋的城市
  • 这些位置便利的单间套房是一个更为经济实惠的选择,相对于住在一个廉价的利兹酒店,旅馆或B&B
  • 无论您来利兹是什么原因,这些客房将为您提供舒适和整洁的环境

Reviews for Leeds

根据 1,021 则评论


I was very impressed overall with the standard of the room and the welcome additions such as tea/ coffee making facilities, fresh towels and wifi and access to the pool. If I ever were to travel to Leeds again over the summer months, I would certainly rebook here.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

It was great being on campus for the graduation ceremony especially as ours was 9.30am and we needed to be at the Union for 8am. Saved a lot of fussing. Parking can be a bit tricky but once found somewhere it was fine. Staff very pleasant and helpful.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

I understand that this was room-only, but to be told that the kitchen was available for use by guests and to have it stated in the notebook in the room that we could ask for cutlery, then to have those denied when I asked, seems rather contradictory. The statement about asking for cutlery should be removed from the notebook.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

Great room and ensuite, good welcome on arrival. I had toiletries in the bathroom, which I didn't expect. The only thing not working was the live TV on the television, but as I was tired I didn't bother asking reception to look at it. Delighted with the stay and would definitely stay again.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

I was warned at reception that the connection to the internet might take a while to be established. This was critical to me. In fact I was able to conenct my devices very quickly so was very happy with that.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

The rooms were very clean and comfortable. The front of house staff - John and Tony - were extremely helpful and friendly. Staying at Storm Jameson Hall helped to make our weekend in Yorkshire a huge and enjoyable success.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

Everybody was most helpful. I could almost say that my only complaint was that I had nothing to complain about. even the cleaning lady whom we asked for directions to the Scott Jameson and to the loos took us into her building to use the ones she was about to clean! the fellow on reception took me to the security office and sorted out parking. Marvellous!

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

As someone travelling alone, I found this a fabulous place to stay. The reception staff were very helpful and friendly, I quickly found a Tesco Express and bought some much needed supplies, the location was perfect for my visit to the Uni and I felt very much at home. The free washing machine and dryer, and access to an iron were very welcome. I'd stay here again.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

Spotlessly clean and very well appointed accommodation. Security was excellent and very reassuring - better than I have ever known. Staff very helpful and friendly. Plenty of bathroom and tea-making supplies. WiFi free and easy to use.

(Review Of Storm Jameson Court, Leeds)

Leeds 游客信息

      利兹是英国西约克郡地区首府,英国第三大城市(按市区人口计算) ,市中心有银行区、法律区、政府区、购物区等。英国中部重要的经济、金融、文化、行政和交通中心,有铁路、公路网连接英格兰南部和苏格兰,有运河西通利物浦入爱尔兰海。城西北3千米处有利兹布拉福德国际机场。




      利兹是英国第二大金融中心。英格兰银行(英国中央银行)在利兹设有办公室,市区有三十余家银行、建筑协会等金融机构的总部或者分支机构(英国最大的五个建筑协会中有三个位于利兹,管理共计600亿英镑的资产) 。利兹的金融机构提供了128,000个岗位,每年为英国经济贡献超过100亿英镑(2015年) 。


      利兹是英国第二大的法律中心,市区设有英国高院行政法庭分院和几十家律师事务所,法律业提供了超过8000个工作岗位(2015年),并以超过20%的速度增长(2010年-2015年)[4]  。2017年,利兹的律师事务所的经济规模预计突破3亿英镑。

      利兹驻有众多政府机构,卫生部和NHS(国家健康服务)在利兹设有分支机构,医疗机构众多,St James's Hospital是欧洲最大的教学医院。

      利兹也是英国主要的购物中心之一,有“北方骑士桥”的美誉。市中心设有多个室内购物中心,包括the Merrion Centre, St John's Centre, The Core, the Victoria Quarter, The Light, the Corn Exchange, Trinity Leeds, and Victoria Gate.总共有超过一千个零售商店,总建筑面积为3,660,000平方英尺(34万平方米)。


      利兹也是英国第三大制造中心,拥有约1800家公司和39,000名员工,利兹制造业占全市总就业人数的8.8%。 最大的子行业是工程,印刷出版,食品饮料,化工和医疗技术。





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