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  • 兰开斯特的大学宿舍为您参观这个富有文化的城市时提供了经济实惠的住宿选择
  • 这些现代化的宿舍客房是一个替代廉价酒店,B&B的更为舒适经济的住宿选择
  • 住宅位于市中心,是探索兰开斯特和周围乡村的绝佳起点


  • 可预订的空房通常在夏季(七月,八月,九月)或圣诞节和复活节(三月,四月)期间,当学生清理了公寓并离开学校时

  • 大学的房间通常提前两三个月即可预订,如果在特定的时期显示没有空房,请随时关注查看我们的网站

  • 如果你想找一些替代住宿方案,请查看我们的姐妹网 获得更多信息


Lancaster 则 UniversityRooms 评论

4.0 / 5.0

根据 207 则评论
服务 4.1
客房 3.8
食物 4.1
总体体验 3.9

We were very impressed with the experience of staying at John Creed Hall. There was a slight glitch trying to book, which also affected the checking in process (online booking wouldn't let me book the room for two. However, the staff at reception dealt witht hat quickly & efficiently). The room was very comfortable, and thoughtfully equipped. We would stay again, for a longer perios, any time.
Mrs Maura Heaphy D

The room was very clean and tidy and very comfortable to sleep in. The building and room were both easy to find, my key was easy to pick up from the reception (I arrived very late at night), and there was no noise at all. The breakfast bar had a wide selection of hot and cold food and was more than good enough for me! All in all, a great experience and would certainly stay here again!
Mr Alexander W

It was a beautiful environment, with lovely views (greenery and trees outside, and views of Lancaster and the bay beyond), and a pleasant space. The nighttime Security staff were very helpful indeed, fixing a problem in which the heating had been fixed on constant, not good in the height of summer. The only problem was that the internet connection was difficult, even the cable didn't work; and it turned out that the only possibility was a wi-fi connection to a commercial company which you had to sign up to, giving all your personal details. This did not seem ideal, but to be fair, the building was some way away from the main campus (where internet connection was easy).
Dr Cathy C


Lancaster 游客信息


        兰开斯特(City of Lancaster)是英格兰兰开夏郡的其中一个当地政府区,并拥有城市、非都市区的地位。兰开斯特是以市内最大的城镇兰卡斯特命名。兰卡斯特市亦覆盖包括莫克姆、希舍姆和康福斯等城镇和一些偏远村庄、农场和农村腹地在内的一个更大的区域。兰卡斯特市人口为13.3万人,其面积为575平方千米(222平方英里)


Lancaster 历史


       兰开斯特这个名字是以‘Lan’和‘caster’两个部分组成,意为“吕讷河上的罗马城堡”。开斯特是由古英语词汇“cæster”演变而成,意为“罗马人的城堡”。而兰则是取名自河流吕讷河(River Lune)。

1086年 末日审判书首次提及兰开斯特。

1193年6月12日 兰开斯特成为一个自治市镇。

1612年 著名的彭德尔女巫在兰开斯特城堡审判。

1880年 一个永久性的军事兵营建立。

1894年 凤凰街钻厅完成。

1937年 许多建筑在城市中心,兰卡斯特得到城市的地位。

2004年3月 兰开斯特被授予公平贸易城市的地位。

2015年5月 伊丽莎白二世(Elizabeth II)女王陛下访问了兰开斯特城堡。


大学 在 Lancaster

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