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  • 可预订的空房通常在夏季(七月,八月,九月)或圣诞节和复活节(三月,四月)期间,当学生清理了公寓并离开学校时

  • 房间通常提前两三个月即可预订,如果在特定的时期显示没有空房,请随时关注查看我们的网站

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罗马大学校园的住宿加早餐公寓 & 自助式住宿


  • 大学住宅提供了一个很好的替代廉价旅馆或酒店的住宿选择

  • 自助式住宿或住宿加早餐

  • 客房位于罗马市中心和城市郊区,交通便利

  • 明亮,干净,舒适的客房,设施齐全

  • 短期住宿或长期住宿均可在这里找到

Reviews for Rome

根据 76 则评论


The walk from Termini is about 30 mins, not 10. San Lorenzo is charming, with many small bars and trattorias. Tram 3 is 5 mins walk, to either Trastevere or the wonderful Villa Guilia, also connecting to the metro and Piazza del Popolo. The staff are very kind, 24 hours, and the facility is secure and very clean. It is a Salvation army facilty.

(Review Of Foresteria Roma, Roma)

The porters waited outside for me even though I arrived past 12am. He spoke Italian, Spanish, and English making it very easy to communicate. The neighborhood did not appear the best but I felt very safe in the gated facility. The room was very clean and exceeded expectations. Overall very nice experience here, I will come again next time I'm in Rome.

(Review Of Foresteria Roma, Roma)

Perfect, simple room. Spotlessly clean. Friendly and efficient. Right in the middle of everything. No frills - because you don't need them - they're outside, on the streets!

(Review Of Casa per Ferie Santa Sofia, Roma)

The room was very quiet and clean. The air conditioning worked excellent. The place can be easily reached from the collosseo or Termini station directly. They provided gluten free breakfast without extra charge. The area is not the very best, but ok. I would recommend the place!

(Review Of Foresteria Roma, Roma)

Foresteria Roma is a wonderful place to stay. Everyone was friendly & helpful. Rooms were very clean. Breakfast was good. We'd stay here again for sure.

(Review Of Foresteria Roma, Roma)

I was staying at the hotel section and I really like it. The only problem was that the campus it far away from the restaurants and supermarkets, but you can eat inside the campus and there is also a small market inside it. Whatever it was great.

(Review Of CX Student Place, Roma)

i really enjoyed my stay- made much more personal and homely by the efforts of Mike and Christopher- they were excellent points of contact for any of my queries and were unfailingly helpful. It is so nice to meet a friendly face every day while on holidays!

(Review Of Foresteria Roma, Roma)

I love this place. Once I knew the right way to take the bus and metro to come and go, everything was just right. Everybody is so nice. I'll come back for sure and will encourage my friends and family to stay here where in Rome. Thank You so much Mario and Marcia

(Review Of Villa Montemario, Rome)

nell'insieme buono ottimo come qualitàprezzo. Un poco rumorosi gli ospiti ,ma vista l'età media degli occupanti cipuò stare. Ottimo per chi deve frequentare la facoltà di medicina e anche le atre facoltà con la navetta in loco.

(Review Of CX Student Place, Roma)

Rome 游客信息







       根据传说,当特洛伊城遭到希腊人进攻的时候(约为公元前1300-1190年),维纳斯女神的儿子埃涅阿斯及其追随者逃出来,沿北非西行穿过迦太基,来到古意大利。当时的意大利有拉丁姆,国王拉丁奴斯进行统治。埃涅阿斯击败图尔奴斯,建立王国(阿尔巴)。后来其子孙罗穆路斯建立罗马,立下罗马之根基Mundus Trench成为第一任国王。后来确立了议会制,称为共和时代。


       罗马城市建立的日期并不确定,传统认为是在公元前753年 。这已经广泛地为考古发现所证实,尽管可能此前已经有一部分人早就居住在那里。传统上,罗马人把罗马城的建立归功于英雄罗穆卢斯。他和他的孪生兄弟瑞摩斯是英雄埃涅阿斯的后代。埃涅阿斯是希腊女神阿芙洛狄忒(罗马神话中称维纳斯)的儿子,他在希腊人占领特洛伊城之后来到意大利。

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